(H I A T U S) Choi Jinri is the only thing that ma
My name is maddie and I’m 17 years old, I stan jinri, jongin & taemin. f(nameless) is my precious fandom, but I’m also an exotic, shawol and sone.

suldeline is my ultimate otp

but I have a soft spot for taekailli because according to sulli's dictionary, taemin is taemni oppa and jongin is jonginnie


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make me choose:
☆ pinocchio or wolf for jessiclam

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My lovely f(x).. you are f(5) forever..<3 , now maybe have a some difficulty..but your fans will be here with you. Weather the storm together. f(x) is a f(amily). fighting f(x). i will waiting for you.. wait for sulli comeback to f(x)..  

I LOVE YOU, f(x). 1.2.3 f(x)!

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140726 SBS Movie World - The Pirates

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blonde krystal picspam for the bae ♡

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Red Velvet - Irene, Joy, Seulgi, Wendy

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sm’s new girl group, red velvet

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