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My name is maddie and I’m 17 years old, I stan jinri, jongin & taemin. f(nameless) is my precious fandom, but I’m also an exotic, shawol and sone.

suldeline is my ultimate otp

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old memories of s o n g   q i a n inhot summer

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krystal’s sexy tongue + victoria’s funny face

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Because I’ve been active since I was young, it didn’t seem like there was anything special about turning twenty. But now that I’ve actually stepped out of the mold of a teenager and became an adult, I’m very happy and aflutter. Truthfully, it hasn’t been very long yet so I’m not feeling that anything is particularly different. I think my heart feels a little lighter and like there’s more room to breathe. - Sulli

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Pure Love f(x)  ♥

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