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My name is maddie and I’m 17 years old, I stan jinri, jongin & taemin. f(nameless) is my precious fandom, but I’m also an exotic, shawol and sone.

suldeline is my ultimate otp

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jungli req. by anon

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get to know me meme: 2/5 female biases

choi sulli

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'c a u s e y o u m a k e m e s h i n e t h e b r i g h t e s t;

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front and back of f(x)'s electric shock album
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no problem ^_^

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With the recent influx of sexy concepts within the K-pop industry, many K-pop fans have more or less involuntarily slipped into the concept of slut- and body-shaming. This post is not trying to point at any of the people who said negative things - but much rather a reminder that statements like those are absolutely not okay. It’s an appeal to you not to think like maybe your bias does. Everyone makes mistakes, we learn with time. But next time you see a girl group dancing in revealing clothes or a picture of a female idol who put on some weight, think twice before you post a comment. Misogyny is a very real thing in K-pop, so don’t be a part of it!
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pink tape art film ☆ colour palettes (insp ♡) 

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